Find your equilibrium.

At EQ Pilates, we believe that Pilates is a powerful tool for achieving physical equilibrium. We are committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where clients of all ages and fitness levels can feel part of a community and build a deeper mind-body connection. .

Movement Therapy use a wide range of techniques and strategies to diagnose and treat movement dysfunction. They are university qualified therapist from the fields of Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy or Physiotherapy.

Trainer HQ provides opportunity for fitness professionals and have helped Carlson grow his skills and those around him. They help PTs unlock their potential on all those they coach and train creating a ripple effect of positivity for many people.

We are proud to be partners with Novotel Wollongong Northbeach! We have run plenty of elite level health and wellness seminars and fitness classes located in both the outdoor sundeck and function rooms for members, as well as bookings for corporate groups and businesses as an inclusion for team building days.

Whether you are chasing some relaxation, skin maintenance or damage control, I can help you achieve these goals in a lovely relaxed atmosphere where you'll receive one on one treatment with no rush. I love providing beauty treatments for my clients and I look forward to seeing you at A&ME!

Founded by 2 brothers with an eye for style and fashion, we are a printing, embroidery, design, and apparel supply business focused on quality output and excellent customer service.

Team Flex prides itself on the best prices and purest sports supplements going around with an extensive range of supplements from the worlds biggest brands! Find your favourite products or ask the team for advice on how supplements can assist with your fitness journey.

Future Present Wellness brings yoga and meditation to your space in person and online.

The Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner, what we call the Intelligent Body Scanner, is a simple-to-use 60-second scan that provides detailed data about a body through more than 40 measurements. It works simply by passing a safe electrical current through the feet and hands.

M Power Movement Exercise Physiology

Maddi is a dedicated and experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 5 years of expertise in providing tailored exercise and rehabilitation programs for diverse patient populations. Proficient in delivering holistic care across various medical conditions, including neurological, chronic pain, mental health, orthopaedic, cardiorespiratory, cancer, and metabolic conditions. Demonstrates a commitment to promoting health and wellness by combining gym and hydrotherapy-based rehabilitation techniques. 

Pursuit EP led by Registered Exercise Physiologies Patrick focuses on Strength & Conditioning, Rehabilitation, and Improving Athletic Performance through science-backed training techniques to optimally and efficiently ready athletics for their sporting season.

CHF is proud to be partnered with the association of Illawarra Basketball, supporting the NBL1 League for both the Men's and Women's Division. With home located at the Snakepit in Gwynneville.

Vast Fitness Academy combine expierience in education, heath, fitness and nutrition. The team set out to fill the online health and fitness industry gaps. By merging their skills and passion, they can ensure Vast is the number one choice for your Personal Training and Nutrition certifications.

Michaela is a qualified aromatherapist and massage therapist with experience working in 5-star spas. Using essential oils in combination with massage techniques, Michaela works to synergistically treat both the physical and emotional body. Perfect for those suffering muscle pain, anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, insomnia, low self-worth and skin conditions.

Short, immersive, restorative and engaging Guided Meditations. Stephanie Kojec provides these videos as self-help, self-improvement, learning, motivation, relaxation and de-stressing aids.

Alex has a holistic approach to health and so he can offer different healing techniques. Offering services such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, magnesium treatments and paleo information sessions allow for an alternative approach to healing the body.

Our belief that success in business can be built through kindness and understanding, and that through building a community of like-minded, moral and ethical businesses, we can all raise each other up to do good things.

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