Our fitness classes are all about adding variety to your training regime and building our CHF community. With over 20+ classes to choose from each week, we believe that you will find something that will suit your goals and ability, as well as challenge you to try new things. We keep class sizes small to medium, as we know sometimes with big classes you can feel like you can get lost in the crowd. 

From a casual class, 10 class passes and memberships, there is something for everyone to fit into their schedules. 

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CHF Class Descriptions


Pads and gloves based cardio boxing class that targets the whole body, improving coordination and confidence. Our partnered boxing combinations will boost your metabolism, burn calories and challenge you to be fitter, faster and stronger.



Suspension based training that activates the core to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Body control and breathing is the key to unlock new levels of strength you never thought you had. 


Improve your mind and body on your mat, as we work on posture, balance, muscle tone and core strength. Through dynamic movements and holds, this class improves your body's awareness on how it moves. Helping strengthen your body, improve performance and diversify your training. 


Resistance based circuits with a variety of machines, equipment and body weight exercises. For all fitness levels to increase your cardio, burn calories and strengthen your body. 


Aqua boxing bags, gloves and dumb bells. Boxing Hype is about energy and movement. Infusing boxing and resistance training. Working off quick rounds with boxing inspired exercises which will raise the heart rate and burn those calories.


Bring out your inner athlete. Whether your goals are to run faster, last longer or improve your performance. CHF Interval will push your fitness levels to the max. Using a combination of body weight movements and cardio resistance, this session will become a necessity in your weekly regime. 


This is a fast pace resistance circuit for all levels working off short sharp intervals with a variety of machines, equipment and bodyweight exercises.


A Boot camp inspired circuit class that increases strength and endurance through compound movements made to burn the calories and raise the intensity. It is about pushing your limits and working as a team. 


Targeting the power house of your body – your core zone. Work your abdominals, legs, glutes and lower back through an intense session focusing on resistant functional movements and power holds. 


After a big week of training your body deserves a little bit of TLC. Using classic stretching movements, yoga flows and recovery tools, you can bounce back from whatever punishment you have put your body through.


Catering to all levels of practice, our Yoga class will combine creative movement and breath, linked together with playful and fun sequences that builds strength, stability, and flexibility into your body. 


Mixing elements of traditional Yin Yoga which focuses on long restorative holds and breath work, with mindful meditation and the therapeutic benefits of sound bowl resonance, this class is a must in our busy lives. 


Functional cross training to test yourself through different fitness zones working on set timed intervals. We sample all the styles of training that you love from our CHF classes, keeping it fresh and exciting each week. 


Weight training utilising the Olympic bar in the three classic power lifting movements – Barbell squats, deadlifts and bench press. We focus on building technique and confidence under the bar. 


Weight based interval pump class that is about getting your reps and your sets. Build strength, tone-up and master resistance movements with the right technique. 


Our express style boxing workout working on high reps, heart rate and fast combos. A perfect blend of classic cardio, boxing and resistance training.


A full body workout focussed on strength, fitness, and muscular endurance. A great challenge for all fitness levels incorporating a variety of training styles from barbells, free-weights, high intensity cardio and various bodyweight movements. We set out the WOD, you put in the work.


This class focuses on building the power muscles of: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves. Build functional lean muscle through barbell and weighted exercises while also getting a sweat up in the process.


Experience training in a more intimate setting. Through a variety of different training styles and with smaller class numbers, our trainers will work with you to focus on technique and your progression. Showcasing a bit of their style and expertise.


As part of your memberships, you can access our open gym times to do your own workouts. A great way to add to your class regime. Programs are available upon request. 


This class fuses the best elements of resistance training, body weight conditioning and dynamic movement all in a simple HIIT style interval rotation. A great class to get the body moving and to work on both your strength and fitness.


Work through the different planes of movement to improve your core and balance. From suspension and TRX training, resistance, bosu/balance boards and core sliders, this will be a new direction of functional strength training.

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