New in the Studio!

EVOLT 360!

Now in the CHF Studio, the Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner! Take an assessment to find out your specific levels of Fat, Muscle Mass, Minerals, Water Retention and many other values, as well as recommendations to improve your lifestyle based on your goal preferences.

Have a more detailed perspective rather than guess work, which can be tracked simpler and faster with all information stored on your phone!

Enquire in the studio or contact any of our trainers for more info today!

Meet our new EP!

We have a new Exercise Physiologist in the Studio. Her name is Maddi Hutchinson and we are so excited to have her on the team to help with client rehabilitation through exercise.

Maddi also works currently at the Shellharbour Private Hospital dealing with a wide range of client, from recovering Neurological patients, to Orthopaedic, and Musculoskeletal, she has been able to assist her clients to return back to their healthy state.

Contact Carlson for details on if you require our specialist EP, or contact Maddi directly on:

0432 764 042

chf pilates is here!

The much anticipated CHF Pilates is finally here!! Elise is a qualified mat work and reformer Pilates instructor who has recently completed academic research on the importance of exercise during pregnancy to treat anxiety and depression. Pilates is a great way to improve both physical and mental health as there is an emphasis on posture, balance, muscle tone and core strength. The dynamic movements improve postural control which can provide you with a greater awareness of how your body moves and what areas may need strengthening. Not only will Pilates add some diversity to your training regime it will also improve your performance.  

Meet Elise and join us on Thursday Mornings at 6am for some fun on the mat.

welcome back yoga with tam

Tam is back and ready to bring CHF Yoga to you! We have now added two weekly Yoga class to our timetable; Yin Yoga Wednesdays 7pm and Flow/Strength Yoga Thursdays 6pm. Available to members and casual pass holders, Tam brings with him 5 years of teaching experience across boutique yoga studios, gyms, and corporate environments. Catering to all levels of practice, Tam will combine creative movement and breath, linked together with playful and fun sequences that builds strength, stability, and flexibility into your body.  Also expect some crystal sound bowls being played at the end of classes occasionally. Tam will also bring to us handstands, inversions, and arm balance workshops in the near future.

Upcoming CHF Seminars & Events