Carlson Hizon Fitness was founded back in 2011. 

At this time, there was no studio or gym equipment. No merchandise or sauna room. It started in a small surf club hall, with a single weekly class and a few pairs of miss matched boxing gloves. We spent countless hours packing and unpacking equipment. Driving out to different locations, running sessions out in the pouring rain if we had too. We worked countless hours in and out of the business, all while trying to juggle full time jobs. It was not easy, there were times we honestly could have just given up. 

The story of CHF was barely written but the passion and dream was well and truly there. We knew we stood for community. We wanted health and fitness to be a lifestyle for everyone. We wanted a place that people could call home. We backed ourselves, put in the hard work and have never stopped grinding. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would have made it this far, but forever grateful for where we are and the journey we have had. It has always been about the amazing people we get to meet, the difference we get to make in peoples lives and the amount of satisfaction we get helping and training others. 

Our team is committed to being with you every step of your journey to your goals. We embrace being part of your lives and love just how much you have affected ours in such a positive way. 

Our motto

'Stay Active'

To stay active we know the key is to be surrounded by supportive and like minded people. You needed to challenge yourself with new things, enjoy the highs and learn from the lows

Our pillars

'Feel Think Build'

This journey of health and wellbeing is more then just the physical. To achieve your goals you need to connect with the feelings, embrace a positive mindset and put the work in everyday. 

What CHF is about:

"Thank you for being part of our story, for fuelling our passion and helping us achieve this dream." - C.H 

This is CHF

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