Why Infrared Sauna's?

Unlike traditional steam saunas, infrared directly heats the body, creating a cardiovascular workout response. This helps in removing heavy metals and toxins from the body while also benefiting us by reducing pain, inflammatory markers in the body and stress, improve sleep patterns and speed up muscle recovery, as well as assisting in weight management and energy. 

Enjoy all these benefits of infrared sauna technology, in the comfort of our private recovery room. Simply BOOK-IN, select the type of sauna you would like and follow the simple steps below to maximise your sauna experience. 

Our private sauna room also includes:

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our sauna multi-passes. 


Team CHF


Casual Visit $45.00 (Non members) / $30.00 (Members)

5 Session Pass $175.00 (Non members) / $150.00 (Members + 1 bonus Sauna!) *3 Month expiry* (Contact us to purchase or click the link below)

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