Past CHF Events


This Easter Weekend we ran a Free Mega Class Session, open to members and new faces looking to try out what a Burn class really has to offer!

This was a great return for the Burn class after coming out of our 8 Week Blitz Bootcamp in which I know the long-standing class favourite will be sure to attract more faces.

One of the most rewarding and empowering sessions in our timetable, and we loved the huge turnout and the perfect weather on the day to be able to get some sets out in Christopher's Playground.

Keep an eye out whenever we run Special Event Promo Classes to join in on the community fun!

CHF OPEN DAY! (October 2023)

The CHF Studio opened its doors to all to try out some of our classes, check out our space, and meet the team and our partners & suppliers!

We had so much fun on the day and to see members as well as new faces see what CHF is all about! We had 7 classes running from morning to midday with our Bootcamp class making an appearance to showcase our new outdoor space which we are so excited to bring to you all for the summer.

We also ran some fun challenges for all to try out and win some prizes which included: Sauna Passes, Class Passes, various Merch Packs and the best of all: Glory!

Even if you missed out on this special day, message any of the team to ask for a tour around the studio, we are more than happy to show you the entire facility!

CHF Olympic Lifting Seminar 1 (September 2023)

Carlson ran the first CHF Olympic Lifting Seminar in the Studio! Teaching the fundamentals of the Snatch, and Clean & Jerk, all participants were able to receive first hand feedback on how to improve their technique to allow them to be more comfortable both during the lifts as well as during their own training.

Olympic Lifts such as these can seem daunting at first, but during this seminar we had all levels of experiences; complete beginners, casual lifters, and dedicated CrossFit and Olympic Lifters. All were able to learn from each other to get a 3rd person view on how the components of the lifts should look.

If you have ever wanted to take a new step in learning Olympic Lifts and don't know where to begin, keep an eye out for our next Seminar or book in a technique PT today!

Women Make Waves - Breathwork Seminar 2 (August 2023)

Sonia is back with another masterclass in Breathwork, this time she took the group through techniques to help with stress and anxiety, something that everyone goes through in one form or another.

We underestimate how big of an impact stress & anxiety can have on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and having Sonia here to guide everyone and help them take control of where they focus their energy has been an amazing opportunity.

If you are interested in working on your breathwork skill for exercising, wellbeing or anywhere in between contact Sonia here! Women Make Waves

VALD Force Plates Seminar (2023)

A big thank you to CHF member Pat for taking the team through this amazing workshop. Pat is our go to consultant for all things Sports Performance and Strength & Conditioning. We love that Pat can bring his passion of what he does in his Exercise Physiology world with high performance individuals, to us here! I’ve known Pat for many years and am very proud to call him a friend and see him develop in his chosen field. I knew there was more to him then just big biceps and calves. I’m very grateful to be able to call on him for things like this and also to win me championships on the basketball court.

I also love being able to constantly educate and grow my teams knowledge with specialty workshops just like this, knowledge is power. As a coach and mentor to my CHF team, things like this are always a priority for me. This means that we can be the best versions of ourselves for you, our community.

Movement Therapy: 'Binge the Hinge' Seminar (July 2023)

CHF was delighted to host Liam and Nick from Movement Therapy, who shared their invaluable knowledge on the significance of employing correct breathing techniques to enhance bracing during hinging movements. The event encompassed posture analysis and demonstrated a series of warm-up movements accessible to everyone, aimed at preparing the body for more substantial compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and hip-thrusts.

Should you require assistance with injury rehabilitation or realigning your body, don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at Movement Therapy

CHF Novice Powerlifting Meet II (May 2023)

The second CHF Powerlifting Comp ran over 2 days! The Women's Division on the 27th of May and the Men's Division on the 28th of May! We had returning athletes back to improve on their numbers from the 1st comp, as well as a lot of newcomers who missed out on the first on with a new hunger to try find their potential. It was once again amazing to see of the guys and girls change their mindset and focus on one thing - Pushing their physical limits!

We cannot wait to be able to host a third event sometime towards the end of 2023 with more and more interest from all fitness levels. If you have an interest or would like to know more fill out our expression of interest form!

Women Make Waves - Breathwork Seminar (April 2023)

We had the pleasure of having Sonia from Women Make Waves into the studio to give her knowledge behind the importance of proper technique when it comes to breathing whether it's for exercise or sport, or managing stress, anxiety or simply reducing your heart rate.

Sonia talked about the science behind the breath as well as took the guys and girls in the studio through some example exercise to manage oxygen and CO2 levels which they will be able to take onto their own training and general life/wellbeing.

We thank Sonia for presenting at the studio!

CHF Goal Setting & Personal Development Seminar (February 2023)

CHF Members were in for an eye-opener with Carlson running a Goal Setting & Personal Development workshop. Carlson broke down the steps it requires to become successful in whatever goal you try to achieve whether it's fitness, business or personal. Using what he has learnt in his 10+ years working at the Novotel, running CHF and Trainer HQ, Carlson showed what it means to have the right attitude to allow yourself to become the best version of themselves.

We will love to run more Goal Setting Seminars for people of all disciplines and industries and look forward to being part of your growth and journey!

WattBike Presentation @ Sydney Swans Training HQ (January 2023)

The CHF Team were given an exclusive opportunity to visit the Sydney Swans AFL Training HQ to have a look at a piece of equipment designed to help track performance in athletes. We appreciate Novofit for having us to presenting the numerous functions and capabilities of the WattBike.

Keep an eye out for new features we will offer you in the studio regarding athletic testing, power/cardio testing, rehabilitation, and lots more!

THQ End of Year Awards 2022

It was the Trainer HQ Annual End of Year retreat and awards ceremony held in the Gold Coast! Carlson attended this with the nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year. He spoke as a guest speaker amongst other great coaches and highly influential figures, but what he never saw coming was to be awarded Master Coach of the Year, voted by other coaches and business clients. This is an amazing achievement and the CHF Team and community all congratulate Carlson for his contribution to clients both in the Studio and nation wide, as well as ongoing mentorship to his team and business partners.

CHF Novice Powerlifting Meet 2022 (September 2022)

The first CHF Powerlifting Comp ran on the 18th of September for the guys and girls who wanted a taste of proper powerlifting without the pressure of strict ruling. Everyone learnt a lot on the day and unlocked strength that came from the support of their fellow athletes and friends & family who came to watch them.

We absolutely loved hosting this event and sharing it with the community. We are looking forward to running the next one for everyone to aim even higher and break out of their comfort zones.

CHF Photography & Coffee Making Seminar (August 2022)

Stepping outside of fitness and into life skills, Rob and Carlson presented with a Photography Seminar and Coffee Making Masterclass. Both highly skilled in their fields, the guys taught the tricks of the trade to take the perfect shot and make the perfect coffee. These skills are transferrable outside of the gym and can add that extra flair to their resume.

Trainer HQ Seminar (July 2022)

Brad and Jason from Trainer HQ came down from Queensland to give a Business Seminar to the trainers of CHF as well as trainers from other fitness facilities. They worked on maximising their confidence as business owners and teaching how perform at their highest quality to improve their own skill whilst bringing even higher quality to their clients.

Movement Therapy: 'Lift the Bar' Seminar (April 2022)

The guys from Movement Therapy Wollongong came in to the studio to discuss several important factors when it comes to training including proper breathing techniques and bracing, and correct posture when pressing weight overhead. These skills not only help on the gym floor, but also in how we move in everyday life. 

CHF Boxing Seminar (November 2021)

The guys and gals witnessed a master class with techniques to improve their boxing skills, as well as being a better padding partner! Everyone had their time to shine for a final test of freestyle padding with Carlson at the end of the seminar to cement their new knowledge.

CHF Bootcamps

Our famous outdoor bootcamps pushed everyone to the limit. Tyres, tanks, battle ropes and of course burpees, we had it all. Many of our clients first ever experience of CHF came from our Blitzes- We're excited to bring these back in the future!